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Buy Now Veloci-Ti

Buy NowVeloci-ti

Are you an active sportsperson? Your life is about striking a balance between being on top of your game and spending quality time with your family and friends. It is with this philosophy that Veloci-Ti pendants were created.  

Made for Sports

Manufactured in Germany and energised in Austria, Veloci-Ti pendants are made from light, strong, and durable titanium to withstand the vigorous conditions an athlete experiences while playing sports.

Veloci-Ti pendants may assist to enhance, balance and increase your:

  • Energy levels
  • Physical performance
  • Endurance
  • Resistance
  • Agility

IEI Technology, the secret behind Veloci-Ti

Veloci-Ti pendants are energised through Informational Energy Imprinting (IEI) Technology, a cutting-edge technology that utilises the concept of energy waves and information frequency modulation by taking versatile, strong lightweight titanium, imprinting this titanium with positive energy and then adding performance information through frequency modulation to it. The result is balanced and amplified energy levels and increased physical performance, endurance, and agility.

Veloci-Ti Pendants

With unique designs inspired by geometric fractals, the Veloci-Ti pendants are available in the following designs:

    Laser-engraved black PVD-plated titanium, 18 K gold inlay, 35 mm Ø

    INR 46,860 (Single)
    Laser-engraved grey and black PVD-plated titanium, 35 mm Ø

    INR 30,630 (Single)

Know more about Veloci-Ti

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